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Since 2006, the NGO Shipbreaking Platform has advocated for the environmentally sound and safe dismantling of end-of-life ships "Off the beach !". This site was launched in June 2013, to distinguish responsible shipowners that adopt clean & safe ship recycling policies and practices from those shipowners that continue to support harmful beach shipbreaking operations.

Today, the vast majority of end-of-life ships are sent to shipbreaking facilities in South Asia, where the lack of enforcement of environmental laws and unsafe working practices make shipbreaking one of the world’s most dangerous industries.

With this data-driven website, we aim to better inform cargo companies who wish to select responsible shipowners to carry their goods around the world, authorities, the media and the general public about the shipping companies that have sold ships to South Asia in the past few years.

This site lists all ships (arranged by ship owner) that have been beached in South Asia (India, Bangladesh and Pakistan) for dismantling since 15 May 2009 and up to July 2015. The 15th of May 2009 is the adoption date of the Hong Kong Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships by Member States of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

It is our hope that the OFF THE BEACH ! website will promote safer and cleaner ship recycling policies and practices and will become an important consideration for cargo owners’ Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

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